Adventurer | Photographer | Life-Experiencer

Inclined to seek out challenge, driven to overcome adversity, in love with adventure, and apt to find myself in unforgiving, yet breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, it’s that excitement found in novel experience I so often crave. Traveling to distant lands or venturing into an unknown wilderness will certainly bring these experiences to the fore, and it’s here somewhere within these moments of discovery where wonder and curiosity have taken root and instilled a deeper inspiration within. A connection to those lived experiences can often be reinvigorated by turning one’s thoughts back onto those striking and intense scenes from which they were originally produced. Through my photographic work I seek to present a medium with which to reflect upon those lived experiences.

Foundationally, I very much believe in the principle of leaving the world a better place than one has found it, and this underlies my every decision and ultimate action within this spectacular garden we call our home. I attempt to treat all living things with equal care while reserving great admiration for nature’s wonders no matter how small or seemingly mundane. While tumbling cairns may be a matter of debate, collecting and packing refuse out of an otherwise pristine landscape could never be argued against.